Thursday, 21 October 2010

Anticipation @ Selfridges (Ultralounge)

Free Exhibition!

I happened to be around the West End, I always make sure I get a glimpse of the Selfridges window displays because they are always well designed and sometimes refreshingly original. I have been to the Ultralounge for the Princes Trust exhibition and others so I was curious.

Russell Hill - Airwicks 2010

This was the most striking I believe of the exhibition, 18 air fresheners arranged horizontally. The fragrance that was dispersed every 36 minutes made you interact with the Art. Even once I had moved on to another area of the gallery the fragrance was rooted up my nose. Such a simple idea yet so rememberable, it also made me think of a mens toilet (not in a derogatory sense) as the casing folded down. Either way - It Stinks!

Blue Curry - Untitled 2009

I have seen this peice of Art before on a BBC4 documentary called "Goldsmiths - But Is It Art." Challenging the idea of contemporary art and the scepticism surrounding its worth and value. The documentary followed students from their final show to them finding gallery space and struggling to make a living. Blue Curry's work was most provoking as it stood out from the other graduates. This sculpture is made up of 567 hours of cassette tape and the jaw of a bull shark.

A must see Exhibition - Grab the Postcards!

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