Thursday, 11 November 2010

Letterpress Studio

Spending some additional time in the Letterpress Studio, me and my group were able to complete the project brief set. Our task was to create a showcase page for a particular font used in the Studio. The font we randomly chosen was Albertus. Albertus is a recognisable font as it is used for the City of London street signs; we played on this fact to inform people what the actual font is. We had to create 200+ copies for a newspaper Alex Cooper is creating for the Studio.

Determining The Position

We had to use trial and error, measuring where the black layer will be on the page. The newspaper has to design to one spread of an A2. Once we had completed this we ran through and completed 210 odd copies with some errors in about 2 hours. Which isn't so bad for our first time using the press.

Our 210 Copies

After this we had to figure out the position of our St. Georges cross. We wanted to use this to incorporate the City of London logo. The logo would have been to complicated to create in the time given as well as technically. So using rough copies of the design we structured the cross using pixels to create a fade. Just to give a different dimension and show what is capable of the Letterpress studio.

Here Our The Workings

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