Wednesday, 13 October 2010


At the Kemistry Gallery, there is currently an exhibition celebrating the work of Lou Dorfsman, art director of the CBS network. I liked the way the gallery was understated and hidden, it made the exhibition more exclusive. I was very impressed with the work particularly not knowing completely his range of work. The name of the exhibition is the namesake for his greatest piece of work, CBS moved into a new office building and he took responsibility for the interior design down to the paper cups. He then created a focal piece of the cafeteria - an 11m by 2.6m work of art. The work consisted of various typefaces in wood type describing what was offered in the canteen.

At the gallery there was a copy of the work (obviously not in 3D) but it gave a sense of the time and thought put into the assembly of each typeface used. It was completed in 1966, and Lou Dorfsman considered it; 

"his magnum opus, his gift to the world"

The exhibition helped me realise that I have used his idea in previous work unknowingly.

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