Monday, 15 November 2010

ROA - Artist Study

ROA is an artist based in Belgium, who paints large animals all around the World in cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and London. The animals are always in black and white, and almost look like they have been drawn with a large fine liner. I have seen his work in Shoreditch, and I have been fascinated on how detailed and flawless the paintings are.

Great Eastern Street, Hackney

This was one of the first pieces of his work I saw in London, I was taken back by the size of it in comparison to the building. Its almost the height of one storey of a building which is considerably larger than most street art. Recently there has been controversy surrounding his work; A 12ft Rabbit on the side of Premises Studio on Hackney road has been issued with a removal notice by the council as it conflicts with the graffiti policy. But the business feels that it adds to the area and also interests tourists looking for street art. Hopefully the council wont succeed as it will be a shame to remove such astounding and original work.

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