Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jamal Edwards Birthday Canvas - Cont.

I finally decided on a design or what I thought I wanted it to look like. Once I start adding or changing, I have to stop myself from going over board and ruining the design. Simple in collage pieces really isn't my strong point. This is what I designed roughly on A4 and then once I scaled it up to the canvas size I knew I would add more.

Initial Design - Rough

Enlarged with some adjustments

Finished On Canvas

I am so pleased with what I created. I think the diamante studs give the design that edge. It really makes it stand out once on a wall. A good friend of Jamal's Jordan Fish also got a canvas for his 21st birthday, however the calibre of the artist eclipses my effort. Kid Zoom has only done two custom pieces - for Chris Brown and Kanye West. Now Jamal Edwards (SBTV.) It is an honour to have my work so close to his.

Just Getting Started

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