Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jamal Edwards Birthday Canvas

I wanted to design a piece of work for my good friend, and I really enjoy creating work for people I know. It gives the work that personal edge and also gives me a great desire to make it as unique. My style tends to be a combination of illustration, collage and inspiration from street design. I listed all the things that he likes but also what he is to make it only for him.

Jamal's love is skull rings, skull scarves, skull t-shirts - everything skulls so that had to be integral to the design and then i just listed everything i wanted to include and it snowballed. I really wanted to create a similar design to the Marilyn Monroe, however my timescale for the design and execution was limited so decided to use a skull rather than work from Jamal's face. If i got it wrong it could have looked like a child's portrait.

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